Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brooke Mortensen-A Boutique Frenzy Heartisan!

I was really impressed when Brooke, owner of Ritzy Misfit, sent an email telling me that Jillian, on this season's The Bachelorette will be wearing one of her pendants on the show. I love Jillian and The Bachelorette, so I had to find out more! After emailing back and forth and checking out Brooke's pendants and her blog, I must say this girl has style! Definitely an artist with heart! It was an easy decision to give Brooke Mortensen the Heartisan Award!

This is what Brooke told me about herself:

"My name is Brooke, and I love to make almost anything. I get obsessed with figuring out how to do things, and it seems I try it all. I sew, make jewelry, decorate, re-finish furniture, and use all the big boy toys to make my creations. I don’t, however consider myself a “real artist” because if you ask me to draw a sketch of any of the things I make I couldn’t do it to save my life. You’d have a hard time guessing what it was. I respect artists and their talent so much, I just don’t feel I’ve earned the title as of yet.

I really like to be unique, and think outside the box. With as many amazing and beautiful things there are out there these days, that becomes more and more of a challenge. But I’m up for it.

The way my creative process works is usually this: I will see something, whether it be a piece of metal, some old weathered wood, or a simple glass jar, and an idea sparks. Sometimes this spark is inspired by someone else’s work, but I make it my own by tweaking it or even doing it the complete opposite way they did. But I love to be inspired by other people’s creativity. One of the things that makes the world go round, I think.

So as far as my pendants, which are so much fun to play with, it all started with a gift I got for my birthday. I was inspired, and the rest is history. I’m very blessed because people have had such a great response to my pieces.

These pieces really can tell you a lot about yourself. I have found, and hopefully will continue to, that people will choose pendants that reflect themselves as a person, down to their wonderfully unique soul.

I feel I have described this well in my description on etsy:

“No one is perfect, but we are all beautiful. These pendants give the feeling of being beautiful, unique and rough around the edges all at the same time. My work reflects the wonderful, flawed idiosyncrasies in us all. And it makes us breath-taking.”

My style is asymmetrical, quirky, and sometimes dark. And sometimes… sparkly. I love all things vintage, and if my things don’t incorporate something old, they tend to have that older, nostalgic feel. I definitely don’t hold back when I like something though. If it’s made completely of glitter and sequins, and I happen to love it, then so it is. Again, outside that bow, I guess.

As far as Ritzy Misfit, it has just grown in such a wonderful way! I’m blessed to have been contacted by some wonderful people who have helped me so much by giving support, and opportunities for growth. I’m pretty shy when it comes to showing people my work and telling them it’s great, so it makes it much nicer when they find me. Etsy has been such a wonderful tool in helping me to get started. I’ve been featured in several awesome blogs, had invitations for consignment around the country, and my pendants are actually going to be on this season of the Bachelorette! Worn by the beautiful Jillian. I have big hopes for Ritzy Misfit, and hope to continue to grow and evolve."

Awesome job Brooke! Love the pendants...very unique and stylish! I think that you are definitely an ARTIST!

You can see Brooke's pendants at

Check these neat!

Jillian, "The Bachelorett" wearing one of Brooke's pendants with a "J"

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