Monday, May 11, 2009

First Heartisan Award goes to Lauricia Grimshaw-Cox

The first time I saw Lauri's artwork, I was stunned to say the least! I loved the uniqueness, the creativeness and style! When I met her, I was even more impressed! See for yourself...

The following was taken from Lauri's blog Epiphanies of an Art Girl:

She knew she was strange and peculiar- A little diddy about an ArtGirl

I am a self taught mixed media artist living in Salt Lake City Utah with my love, Dwight, my two children, Sheldon and Madi and step-daughters Julia, Megan and Erika...and two pugs and a very fat cats.

I got my start selling my offerings years ago at the Downtown Farmers Market for three years. I moved and travled from show to show aspiring to be a full time art show gypsy. Exhausting physically, financially and spiritully but OH so much fun! I have never let go of my dream and vision of when I will make my living full time the "creative play way"........creating, teaching, organizing shows, inspiring women and girls through creativity and the many other business ideas and life enrichment ideas I have!

Since my 1st market I have been honored to be in many wonderful home boutiques and holidays shows and amazed to be represented along side remarkable artists in fine art shows such as Jackson Hole Arts Fair, West Coast Artists in Palm Springs, Art In Kayenta, Sundance Harvest Moon and Trails Village in NV. My work adornes the homes of many around the US as well as in India, Sweden, Columbia, Moldova, Costa Rica and Poland.

I have been a part of many shows and also organize my own annual backyard boutique, The Garden Of Art, which displays the works of local women artisans in the whimsical Garden Of Joy, an outdoor art boutique-y show.

In 2005 I was thrilled to be an invited intructor with Woman Create, an event hosted by Chapelle ltd Publishing Company, which brought together teachers and artists from across the country in addition to many long loved HGTV and DIY show hosts, authors and speakers. It remains one of the most pivotol, bittersweet yet influential moments in my life for which I will always be grateful for.

April 2009 launched my leap from Artgirl to SpaGirl as I ventured into a partnership with my mother, Marcia. Bungalow 8 Day Spa will now be the home to my own artwork as well as continuing to support my favorite thing, local art! The bungalow also provides me a venue to teach my own creative workshops, Soul UnLeashed! Bungalow 8 is now open!!!

I am a kindred spirit with many who adore and own my work. My thrill and reward comes from the reactions of people who embrace the work I create to the soul it tickles inside themselves.

My art contains oddness and magical whimsy combined with inspirational and empowering thoughts and appeals to little girls all the way to great grandma's.

Although a challenge at times, I strive to embrace the imperfection and realism of life and do so by creating imperfect and whimsical art which adds charm and organic originality to each piece I make.

I strive to live my bliss, my creativity allows me to live that and is play for me as I strive to embrace the oddness's and whimsies of life that surround us and truly live my joy.

Artfully yours,
Lauricia Grimshaw-Cox
The Happy ArtGirl and NOW SpaGirl

Check out Lauri's beautiful artwork at the Bungalow 8 and on her website and blog listed above.

You can also purchase Lauri's Artful Goodies at these fabulous shops:

Thanks for making the world more beautiful Lauri!!!

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