Thursday, June 4, 2009

Agi Receives Heartisan Award For Creativity and Style with Raw Foods!

We met Agi, creator of Agi's Raw Foods, at the Wheeler Farm Maydays Festival last month and were literally dumbfounded when we saw and tasted her products. We could not believe that such healthy food could taste so great! Mikey and I are big into flax seed, so we had to try her flax crackers and they were delicious!

Agi is extremely deserving of the Heartisan Award for her creativity and knowledge of raw foods and how to make them taste and look sooooo good!
Just take a look at these scrumptious've never seen or tasted anything like this. So delightful!

Green Sumo Salad with Thai Dressing on side
Agi's Raw Vegan Pizza To Go
Includes: Living Pizza Crust, Tarragon Tomato Sauce
Pine Nut Cream Chesse & fresh vegetables for topping
Sprouted Quinoa Salad, Ginger Lime Dressing on side
Left to Right: Angel Hair Zucchini Pasta, Brazil Nut Veggie Pate on gluten free Essene Bread
Our GLUTEN FREE flaxseed crackers are sprouted then dehydrated to preserve vital nutrients. From left to right:
9 Veggies, Peas & Parsley, Ginger Beet, & Summer Corn flavors.We also have a new flavor, Indian Curry and
5 Flavors Assorted Package.
Living Pizza Crust fresh from our "oven"
(Excalibur Dehydrator)
Hazelnut Brownies
Rainbow Quiche on Garlic Herb Almond Crust
comes with Raw Horsey Sauce on side
Living "Burger"
Raw Soups, from left to right: Creamy Carrot,
Extra Zinc, Summer Corn Chowder, Green Pea Avocado,
Russian Borscht, & Creamy Cauliflower Soups.
Fresh, un-pasteurized juices & drinks, from left to right,
top to bottom: Green Smoothie (this smoothie was a huge success at the farmers markets this past summer, the most important ingredient being WHEATGRASS JUICE), Vanilla Almond Nog, & Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice.
Salad Dressings, from left to right: Orange Tahini,
Raspberry Vinaigrette, Horseradish, Fresh Herb Spirulina
Green Ranch), Rosemary Thyme Dressings. New Flavors:
Thai & Ginger Lime Dressings.
Here, at Agi's Raw Foods we're growing our wheatgrass at
the store. The temperature and the light are perfect, providing the exact conditions the organic wheat needs to grow and mature.
At the peak of the growth we juice the
grass and immediately freeze it in 2 ounces containers.
It is available for our customers to buy a week's worth (or more) of the frozen juice. This is a convenient way ofhaving wheatgrass juice available to put in your green drink, anytime, any day.
Certified Organic Goji Berry

Dancing Berries Cereal, raw, gluten free, no cooking
needed. Soak, rinse, and serve.
Wake-Up-Time Cereal, barley based

Need I say more? You can see why Agi is a Heartisan Award winner! Fantastic job Agi! We will be by soon!

Go visit Agi today at:
Agi's Raw Foods is located on 2255 N. University Pkwy. # 15 Provo, UT 84604
(Next to Sally's Beauty Supply & Albertson's)
phone # is: 801-471-8383

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